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My name is Katrina Skinner. In addition to being a lawyer, I am a mother, a daughter, a friend, an advisor, and an advocate, among other things. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I realize there are millions of other ways you could spend your time and am grateful you are pausing for a moment. Since you are here, let me introduce myself. Long ago, I guided rafting trips in Alaska, taught English in Mexico City, worked in the financial industry during the .com boom, went to Belize as counsel for the most worthy client ever, and most recently, I have devoted countless hours learning about the cannabis industry. As 2020 nears, I am committing my professional efforts to new causes that I believe are most deserving of my time and life energy. 


In the past, I have focused my practice on personal and business planning, including business formation, general counsel services, employment law, estate planing and administration, and family law. But now, I am limiting my practice to those areas I believe I can be most effective in making a difference, for both individuals and organizations, in those areas for which I want to be a catalyst. This may be in the same or new practice areas. 

I plan to learn about immigration law in 2020 and to provide services to those I believe are most vulnerable.

Since I am limiting my practice to certain areas, please visit the Strategic Partner tab to find links to those individuals, service providers, and organizations that may be able to help you if I cannot. Regardless, please reach out and contact me if you need representation via the Contact page, e-mail, or my mobile number. 

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